The home team Peterborough and the visiting Cardiff claimed a point each with a 2-2 (0-0) draw in the Championship game on Tuesday.

The first half was goalless, but straight after half-time, Harrison Burrows made his mark as he scored to give Peterborough the lead.

Straight after the break, Siriki Dembele made his mark and increased the team’s lead.

Seven minutes left to play, Cardiff’s Aden Flint reduced as he found the net.

The equaliser came in the 90th minute, when Aden Flint scored yet again. This time he scored a goal for Cardiff. This brought the final score to 2-2.

Peterborough are now at four points after three games, while Cardiff have eight points after four games.

On Saturday, Peterborough will host Preston at Deepdale and Cardiff will host Millwall.