Football is the most popular spectator sport globally, with over three billion followers. All eyes are on the Premier League and its top teams and the finals on May 22. The top four teams will qualify to play in the UEFA championship season.

As the finals are in a few days, let’s see the top five teams vying for the top spot. And if you’re a fan of one or more of these teams, make sure to cheer them on as they roll the dice in the upcoming UEFA championship. Just like how avid players can play wholeheartedly with no casino deposit bonuses or Casino bonus ohne einzahlung in German.

The Top Teams and Standings


Established in 1886, the Arsenals have been one of the best teams. They have won 13 Premier leagues though their last win was in 2004. However, their standings are not great, as they are 5th in the League, but there is hope for them.

With a better strategy and top scorers Bukayo Saka and Eddie Nketiah on their side, they can make a big comeback next season. They won against Everton as a last effort but did not make it to the final four last May 22.

Tottenham Hotspur

Securing fourth place, the Spurs are doing well in their position. Founded in 1882, they last won in 1961. With the addition of a new manager Antonio Conte and freelance players in the market, they can grow strong next season.

Top players Harry Kane & Son Heung-Min could welcome a freelance Paulo Dybala with next season being brighter for them. They won against Norwich in the last games to keep their position.


Maintaining the top three in the League, Chelsea has held its ground to chase the cup. Despite Andreas Christensen pulling out because of his contract shortening their defensive end. But with midfielder Conor Gallagher and striker Armando Broja on loan, coming back to the team bolstered their offensive.

Their potential bid for Robert Lewandowski and a freelance player would strengthen their lineup. Winning against Walford last Sunday to retain their position.


Liverpool has been an illustrious club since 1892 with 19 Premier Leagues and decorated rosters for over a century now. Coming in at number two is Liverpool, led by coach Klopp and one of the best rosters with Sadio Mane vying for the Ballon d’Or award this season.

Top players Mohammad Salah, a contender for the award, Diogo Jota, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Virgil van Dijk. Liverpool is a team not to be underestimated for decades, and it was not different last the 22nd. Many anticipated their clash with 8th place Wolverhampton to be another classic as the Wolves welcomed the Red to Anfield.

Manchester City

At the top of the League, despite internal turmoil and criticism of Pep Guardiola as team coach when they lost to Crystal Palace and the Spurs earlier in the season. But Man City’s dominant play and amazing comeback are undeniable; they are here to be number one.

They are at the top of their game with top plays from Kevin De Bruyne, Fernandinho, and Raheem Sterling. This showed by the comeback last May 15 from two points behind, ending with a draw to maintain their position.

Eyeing for prospects like their bid for Marc Cucurella and other free agents this summer to make their roster stronger for the cup. Last 22nd, they fought and won against Aston Villa for the second time this season.

The Finals

As the final games come, another great season of the Premier League has passed. Anything can happen; ranks and teams are not permanent. Free agents and transfers can still occur before the championship. Many who participated knew their room for improvement in their games, and the next season will be unpredictable.

Speculation of changes in rosters, even coaches and managers, will come into play. Many names are coming up as free agents, and some rookies are also coming in for a taste of the big leagues. As the top four qualify for UEFA, their journey has just begun to chase the cup!