About Us

Total Football Index is a brand new blog that branches out from flagship site Total Football Analysis and aims to give you all the latest content with the highest quality possible.

Of course, our flagship website is well known for producing some of the very best analytical heavy articles known out on the world wide web and we look to do the very same with this one.

Education is at the forefront of our minds when creating our articles for you, the reader, and these articles are no different as we look to take you on a journey that makes you look at our beautiful game in a completely different way to which you have ever looked at the sport.

So, how are we able to achieve those lofty ambitions we have and what are we going to try and do?

Well, we will create very strong opinionated views regarding the current transfer rumours floating around the world and take them to paper by providing a detailed analysis as to why such a signing could be a good piece of business for a particular club, or why it might, actually, be worth avoiding altogether, instead.

Think you can match what they are able to produce and bring even more to the table? Then why not apply to write for us?

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